Blue Ash Industrial Supply

Procuring MRO supplies is an expense for your business. But, like your equipment and materials, your maintenance and repair supplies are crucial to maintaining product quality, employee safety and profitability. To safeguard your bottom line, it is important to control MRO costs, much of which is administrative costs, rather than simply machining.

Blue Ash Industrial Supply (BAIS) is your first choice for integrated industrial supply, offering our clients supreme control over the cost, quality, results and efficiency of their MRO supply chain.

Speedy, Clean and Lean

Can you get by with a cheaper cutting tool? Lower quality metal working fluids? Cut-rate abrasives?

The impact of your tooling and supply choices goes well beyond the piece cost of the individual items. For instance, a high quality insert costs more but lasts longer, which reduces down time and improves tolerances. Of course, we don’t always recommend purchasing the most expensive option; rather, we put our experience and knowledge to work for you – helping you match the right tool or supply item for the demands of the task. For example, the right cooling or lubricating fluid will prolong tool life, prevent damage to machinery, and improve part finish, regardless of the cost of the fluid. Even the most expensive coolant or lubricant could cause corrosion or tool damage if it is not compatible with the machine and materials.

BAIS teams with our customers to develop goals and objectives for reducing administrative costs via smaller inventories and zero redundancies. Using integrated supply management, BAIS helps you make truly low-cost choices for your business, whether viewed from the production floor or the spreadsheet.

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