On-site Vending Cribs

Secure supply vending cribs installed and managed by BAIS enable machine operators and floor supervisors to quickly access parts and supplies as needed, around the clock, without filling out paperwork or request forms. Information collected from the cribs helps BAIS clients make smart decisions about inventory placement, machine maintenance and shift use trends.

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More selection, less bias

When you order from BAIS, you can count on expert advice based on product performance, not an exclusive arrangement with one brand or manufacturer. Our reputation is staked on our products; our pledge is to only sell top-quality items regardless of the name on the label.

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Integrated Supply

In an ever changing world, new technologies, additional sources of supply and creative concepts constantly bring new opportunities for growth and prosperity.

Blue Ash Industrial Supply has created a highly effective business based on finding, developing and connecting these opportunities to simplify the procurement of MRO supplies.

The Blue Ash Industrial Supply “SOURCE...

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Extend tool life

What are your tool failure intervals? Are they more frequent than they should be? BAIS applies in-depth experience and technical know-how to guide your fluid and lubricant choices. The right fluid, matched to your tooling, extends life, improves performance and saves money.

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Build a lean inventory

BAIS customers have seen a 40% decrease in procurement costs, while improving their responsiveness to customer orders. Don’t slash your inventory, slash your costs. BAIS works with customers to eliminate obsolete and inactive inventories, today and tomorrow.

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Sharpen your edge

From prototyping to line manufacturing to maintenance, trouble free cutting tools are a necessity. BAIS applies its years of experience to offer only the highest-value cutting tools engineered for durability and precision. The blade is truly the business end of every machine – depend on BAIS.

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